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Coal. Iron ore. Oil.

These were the root stocks of the Midwest’s last great entrepreneurial era, when men named Carnegie, Rockefeller, Dow and Ford built the steel, oil, chemical, and auto industries.

Today we're living in the next great entrepreneurial era where Universities, Accelerators, and Entrepreneurs- are spawning innovations in software, robotics, big data analytics, and connected devices.

The Magarac team is proud to call the Midwest our home.

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Autobooks is the first fully integrated payments & accounting platform for business, delivered through online banking. Their intelligent, cloud-based, small business accounting platform that automatically integrates bank accounts with financial tools that speed cash flow, reconcile accounts, and accelerate growth.

Their mission is to create the perfect union of banking strength and accounting smarts, helping power small businesses into the future.

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Aware aims to adopt the latest advancements in cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and behavioral analytics to amplify enterprise value by monitoring the social graph (Office 365, Slack, Workplace by Facebook).



Thread transforms trash from the poorest countries in the world  into dignified jobs and useful stuff people love.

Thread offers 100 percent transparency into its supply chain by tracking social and environmental impact metrics at every level of the production process. The company’s network of partnerships with several NGOs and local vendors make Thread Ground to Good™ fabric the most responsible on the planet.

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Mezu Lets People Give And Get Money Without Sharing Any Personal Information

Mezu is a mobile payment app that gives you a private and secure way to give and get money without sharing your personal information. Just like cash, with Mezu, you can conveniently pay, tip, earn and donate safely and for free. Because Mezu believes that what you do with your money is your business.

If you’ve ever been stuck without cash, you know the feeling. You want to tip your bartender or valet, give a little something extra to the hair stylist or buy concert tickets.



Hybrid-Cloud PaaS and Continuous Delivery System for Containers. Containership makes web infrastructure completely portable – allowing developers to easily deploy code and migrate between hosting providers.

With over 25 one-click install integrations, including distributed databases, queues, messaging systems, blogging software, monitoring solutions, and more.

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